At Castle Rock B&B we pride ourselves in customizing your dining experience to meet your needs down to the size of the egg we serve you. Let me explain. Micah is one of our beloved guests and his request was to be served small portions. He was in Colstrip to work at the Power Plant and he didn’t want a heavy meal before a long day of sitting. He liked eggs, but he let us know that a whole egg was a bit much for him. Seem like an impossible request? Less than 1 egg. How could we manage to accommodate such a difficult petition? Well, never fear, no request is too difficult for Mindy and Andy. We turned to Leona. Before you ask who Leona is and how she could possibly solve our conundrum, let me tell you. Leona, was one of our flock.

Yes, we raise back yard hens in order to offer our guests the very best. Farm fresh eggs gathered from the little red barn on the hill behind our house. Leona was a bantam, which basically means a tiny chicken. Being a tiny chicken means…you guessed it! She provided us with tiny pale green eggs. Just what Micah ordered for his breakfast.

So if you come to our B&B don’t be afraid to tell us what your dream breakfast would be. We will likely serve it to you. We even had one guest tell us that he loved to have a couple of cloves of raw garlic with his breakfast every morning. No problem. One bowl of raw garlic cloves coming up!

Sadly, however, Leona is no longer residing at the B&B. You see a nasty fate befell our sweet flock over a year ago. A vile raccoon took down our ladies one hen at a time, until only two were left, Leona and Speckles. I’ll never forget going to collect eggs from my last two chickens only to discover they too had gone the way of the other six ladies. My heart was broken as I stared down at a coop full of feathers.

I posted my loss on Facebook. Micah saw the post from his home in Austin, TX. His comment on my post was, “NOT LEONA!”

Six months passed with an empty chicken coop. Andy and I worked hard to fix the security issues with our coop. We put up flashing red lights to scare away predators, we set up a trap behind the fence, and we installed an automatic solar powered door to ensure that the coop would never be accidently left open at night.

Shortly after all of our improvements were done my friend Jaylene offered to give us 8 laying ladies. Her boys were not interested in pursuing chickens in 4-H any longer, and were discouraged by the murdering raccoons that were shrinking their flock.

Thanks to Jaylene, and her family, the B&B is still offering fresh eggs for breakfast. I am happy to report that we have managed to keep all 8 ladies safe from those masked bandits for almost two years!

So, if you book a room with us remember any request will be considered and if you have eggs they are presented to you by our eight happy hens in the backyard!

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